Sea Creatures Pixel Art Activity

Mixed Grammar Review

Digital & Printable

If your students don’t have access to a computer, no worries! This Google Sheet activity has been revamped to include a printable format. This fun resource includes 5 sentences with 4 questions each. Students read the sentence then answer parts of speech questions related to the sentence. This is a great way to review those pesky grammar skills.

Fun & Engaging

Pixel art activities are a huge hit in my class. Students love watching the picture slowly emerge with each correct answer. They often try to figure out what the picture is before the assignment is complete. To hear students laughing and having fun while learning is music to the ears.

A teacher giving lesson with tablet computer in the classroom

What buyers are saying…

Teachers who have used pixel art resources in their classrooms are raving about them! After using these fun and engaging resource, teachers said:

What fun this was! My kiddos were engaged and excited. Such a fun way to practice skills we are learning- far better than a workbook! So many good ideas here.
Christy W.
4th Grade
My students really enjoyed this activity. It was great for the students to get practice reviewing grammar and be able to reveal a picture. It was nice for the students to be able to have a very colorful activity instead of a black and white worksheet!
Ginger H.
Busy Mom