Make Learning Fun: 3 Tips for Teaching Grammar

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When you think about teaching grammar, do you instantly think BORING? Guess what? You can make learning fun for your students, even when teaching grammar! 

Teaching grammar in upper elementary is critical because it is the foundation for good writing. Equally important is engagement because it is the foundation for retention. If you make learning fun when teaching grammar, your students are more likely to retain the information needed to become better writers.


Incorporating technology is a great way to make learning fun for upper elementary students. When teaching grammar, it’s easy to increase student engagement with digital grammar activities.   

make learning fun with Google Slides

For example, this Forming Possessive Google Slides allows students to practice identifying singular, plural, and irregular possessive nouns in fun and engaging ways from matching possessive nouns to labeling possessive nouns, plus tons more! 

Using digital activities not only makes learning fun, but they also make planning much simpler. This resource is NO PREP. It requires no cutting, printing, laminating, sorting, or stapling. Simply send the resource to your students. Then they can complete it on their preferred digital device that can access Google Slides.

Get the Forming Possessive Google Slides activity HERE


Kids need to move! Allowing for movement breaks makes learning fun while also reinforcing the concepts being taught. Surprisingly, it is possible to incorporate movement into a variety of grammar lessons. 

For example, one simple way to incorporate movement when practicing punctuation is to assign a fun gesture to each punctuation mark. Stomp for a period, clap for an exclamation point, and do shoulder shrugs for a question mark. Upper elementary students will love this chance to move and make a little noise during a lesson! 

Another great way to make learning fun with movement is to do a gallery walk using task cards. Gallery walks are a fantastic way to get kids up and out of their desks as they circulate around the classroom. 

This task card resource is a fun and engaging way to help your students review the four Types of Sentences with movement. They can be printed and used as a scoot activity, in small groups, as station work, or even as an outside gallery walk on a sunny day. 

Get your Types of Sentences Task Cards HERE


Another way to make learning fun is to activate creative thinking with art during your grammar lessons. Whether you have your students illustrate idioms or create an adjective collage, art can easily increase student engagement and learning. 

google review

Now it is possible to even combine art with technology, which upper elementary students love! For this reason, this Mystery Pixel Art Grammar Review is one of my favorite grammar activities. 

It includes three-pixel art activities that are not only easy to use but also fun and engaging for students. As each correct answer is typed in the answer column, mystery pictures begin to appear. Students get so excited when they see the mystery pictures. Your students will ask to do this one over and over again! 

Get the Mystery Pixel Art Grammar Review HERE

In summary, grammar lessons don’t have to be boring! In fact, it’s easy to make learning fun by incorporating technology, movement, and art. Google Slides, Gallery Walks, and Pixel Art are all fun and engaging ways to teach and reinforce grammar concepts with upper elementary students. 

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