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Identifying Parts of Speech

Do you struggle with getting your students to dissect sentences to determine the different parts of speech? Do they still have difficulty identifying basic grammar skills, no matter how many times you teach them? Getting my students to identify parts of speech was a huge battle. If you can relate, I want to help!! Grab these free grammar practice skill cards to give that extra “oomph” to your grammar instruction and read on as to how I use them.

Over the years, I have tried various strategies. I found that there is not ONE magic strategy that truly works. I have resorted to implementing various strategies to help my students retain and master those pesky skills that they seem to “forget” year after year.

parts of speech skill cards for left and right hand writersGrammar Practice Skill Cards

I had the bright idea to create grammar practice skill cards (that’s a mouth full) to identify parts of speech in sentences. There are various forms of response cards for reading and thought, “HMMM. I should create something like this for grammar to see if it helps my kiddos?!?” This thinking is how my grammar skill cards came to life.

My students LOVE them. They truly give students a sense of ownership, which helps to build their confidence. When my students figure out that finding parts of speech within a sentence is not difficult, they become more aware of how the words fit together. They become aware of what they are reading and how words work together to create beautiful sentences. They start looking at the words individually!!

Grammar Instruction

For our grammar instruction, we focus on one skill per week. My grammar lessons do not take long at all. We may spend anywhere from 15-20 minutes a day, depending on what the day entails.

First, on Monday, I introduce the skill through our mentor sentence. Side note: I use mentor sentences by Jivey. As a class, we dive deeper and take a closer look at the skills taught. Once we become familiar with the skill, we will spend about 5-10 minutes looking at other example sentences. My goal is for the kiddos to identify the grammar skill and how it is used in different sentences.  Throughout the week, we marry identifying the skill and writing sentences using the same skill and/or previous skills.

Second, after the skill is introduced on Monday, the students will have until Wednesday/Thursday to turn in a sticky note with an example sentence using the skill correctly. They can pull this sentence from their AR book, science book, Scholastic News, etc.… It does not matter where they pull the sentence from as long as they can correctly identify the week’s skill.

Grammer Instructioon Continued

Third, they grab a card with a sticky note and take it back to their spot. Once they find a sentence that works, they write the sentence on the sticky note. They can either highlight the word(s) that fit the week’s skill, or they can underline the word. Most of my students typically complete this activity on Wednesday after completing “Writer’s Wednesday” for our mentor sentence.

Fourth, some will jump right on this and complete it after the skill has been introduced on Monday, especially if they understand what they are looking for in a sentence.

Fifth, I use the sticky notes as an informal assessment to see how the student is doing and if he or she is struggling. If I have several struggling students, I will pull a quick skill strategy group on Thursday to review before the test on Friday. If I have one or two, I usually pull those students independently to work one-on-one.

parts of speech skill cards example

Building a Solid Grammar Foundation

Over the years, my grammar instruction has evolved to a place where I can confidently say that most of my students master identifying parts of speech just by simply looking at a sentence. They can quickly call out the various parts of speech within one sentence. This foundation took a long time to build.

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Grab a Free Set of Grammar Practice Below!

If you are interested in grabbing a free set of these grammar practice skill cards for various nouns, fill out the form below. You might also like teaching four types of sentences!

First, the set includes common, proper, singular, plural, singular possessive, plural possessive, collective, concrete, and abstract nouns. The freebie includes a black and white set as well as a set in color.

Lastly, You can print the colored set on white cardstock or print the black and white set on AstroBrights.  I have also included cards for right-hand writers as well as for left-hand writers.


Pssst…If you’re interested in finding some amazing skill cards for reading, please check out Miss P’s Style “Reading Response Stem Cards.”   She has 2 bundles that cover 30 reading categories, and they are awesome!! You can also read more about how she uses different reading strategies in her classroom by visiting her blog or listening to her amazing podcast. 

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