St Patrick’s Day Writing Activity

This St Patrick’s day writing activity is not only fun and engaging, but it helps students craft a detailed paragraph. Your kids will get into the St. Patrick spirit with these fun activities!

Have you ever asked your students to write a paragraph and they look at you like a deer in headlights? 😳 This is one skill that my students seem to struggle with year after year! I’ve learned that the skill of writing a solid and detailed paragraph needed to be broken down into smaller steps. Smaller steps help build a foundation of easily writing a paragraph with this fun St. Patrick’s Day Writing Activity.

Step 1: Brainstorm

As a class, we discuss the writing prompt then I have students brainstorm a list of things that relate to the writing prompt. “If I found a pot of gold, I would…” Students are given some time to think about the prompt and what they would do if they did find a pot of gold. If I see that students are struggling, I will share some of my examples or have other students share their examples.

Here are a few examples that students may come up with while brainstorming: (3 will be chosen from a list of many)

  • give to my parents
  • buy a new Xbox
  • go on vacation
  • help the poor

Step 2: Dig A Little Deeper St Patrick’s Day Writing Activity

After the students brainstorm, they choose the 3 most important details they want to include in their writing. The 3 details are broken down even more with the “Dig A Little Deeper” page. Students break down each detail and list various reasons why that particular detail is important to them. This step really helps students when it comes to writing a detailed sentence and explanation.

Here is an example of digging a little deeper: (This step will be done 3 times for 3 different details.)

Example Detail 1: Give some gold to my parents.

My Parents….

  • give up many things for me
  • buy me clothes, shoes, games, toys
  • work very hard but don’t have much
  • are generous in their time and money to help me be a better person
  • my parents are my heroes

Step 3: Detail Sentences and Explanations

The students will write complete sentences using the 3 chosen details. The students will write 1 detailed sentence then they will write an explanation to explain the detail further.

Example: Below is just a sample. The detail and explanation sentence should be a little more detailed.)

  • Example detail 1: If I found a pot of gold, I would give half of the gold to my parents.
  • Example explanation 1: I would give my parents the gold because they give up things that they want to make sure I have what I want and need.

Step 4: Topic and Closing

After the students have written the detail and explanation sentences, they develop a catchy title and proper closing that catches the reader’s attention and wraps up the paragraph.

For the topic sentence: The students will have an opportunity to brainstorm three possible topic sentences that go along with their paragraph content. After brainstorming the best “catchy” title, they will write out the paragraph topic sentence the properly introduces the paragraph.

For the closing sentence: Like the topic sentence, students will have the opportunity to brainstorm 3 possible closing sentences. After brainstorming, they will finish up their writing with a strong sentence that wraps up the paragraph content.

Example: (The topic and closing sentence will be geared more to the 3 things talked about in the paragraph.)

  • Example topic sentence: Finding a pot of gold on St. Patrick’s Day would be awesome because I can help others!
  • Example closing sentence: Giving back to others in a time of need helps me feel like a better person.

Step 5: Drafts for the St Patrick’s Day Writing Activity

After the steps are completed, I have students write or type a rough draft to peer edit and/or teacher edit. I also take this opportunity to review grammar rules with students who may be struggling. After all the editing has been completed, I have to rewrite a final writing piece to submit for grading. I have also included a rubric in the printable version.

I know that is a lot of information to take in!! Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions! I will be adding more writing prompts to my store over time. I hope you found this helpful. Interested in the St. Patrick’s Day Writing Activity? Grab the resource by clicking the picture below.

St Patrick's day writing activity


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